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11th November 2003, 13:55
Some time ago I bought a JVC XV-N5, a great stand alone player for one thing: some copied DVD's freeze in the last 15-20 minutes. I noticed that at that moment the variable bitrate drops below 2 Mbps level, especially at the end of the movie.

I rent these DVD copies (!?), and I can imagine that the copies itself are not well made.
Also I can imagine that they are good copies, but burned on ‘non standard’ cd’s. That is; DVD player manufacturer’s and DVD disk manufacturer’s do not always communicate about/agree on the standards to play the cd’s well on the player. Though funnily enough some more straightforward DVD players just play the ‘problem’ DVD’s without freezing.
Furthermore I can image that you might need to upgrade your firmware for a PC player.

This is not the problem I’d like to address, I want to see if there is a solution to a stand alone DVD player hardware to overcome this freezing. Especially because there are so many people having the same problem and unfortunately some of them just had to buy a new player.

Some possible causes;
1. At the moment of a low bitrate that jumps suddenly, the VBV buffer cannot ‘hack’ it and the image freezes; one solution that occasionally helps is to stop the subtitles (my Mandarine never has been better), that is; if you had these subtitles anyway
2. Processing power too low for calculating the missing bits or for keeping up with the increased speed of the twirling cd when its playing in the last 20 minutes?
3. The DVD player is too warm because it tends to freeze at the end of the cd ; does this happen? Must have a simple solution; extra fan.
4. Any other? Lens? Progressive scanning feature?

Please help. Also mentioning a forum with DVD player professionals who are more likely to find a solution, would be of great help.

12th November 2003, 12:26
Hi & welcome to the forum. Often, the errors you describe come from inferior quality dvd blanks, with the error rate increasing towards the outer area of the disc. Try another brand of media. Does it also freeze if the player is "cold" and you skip to the last 20 min. immediately? Then you can rule out your overheating problem.

As for hardware pros, try http://nerd-out.com .

NB: This forum allows discussion of conversions etc. of movies you own. Thus, pls. no discussion of copies of bootlegs or movies you don't own.

12th November 2003, 16:30
the solution is....buy a new player

pacific 1002.....£42 at ASDA
yamada £40....at www.amazon.co.uk (inc delivery)

then when the laser is a bit knackered, and it starts skipping
chuck it, and buy a new one.
problem sorted!