View Full Version : IVTC a Weird Field Order DVD

7th November 2003, 17:17
I'm trying to RIP a DVD into AVI, but when I preview the DVD in DVD2AVI, I got a very weird field Order.
The 4 chapters of the DVD has different order!
The 1st&3rd chapter are Bottom first, and 2nd&4th are Top first, :confused:
but the total film rate is 99%, about perfect pattern(0123).
My question is how should I IVTC such a DVD?
Should I Encode them seperately or if I can use any scripts to handle
such field order and encode the full episode at once?:(

7th November 2003, 18:53

Older version of Decomb wasn't field-order dependent, so it may help.

Also try the Uncomb/Decimate combination. (old or new Decimate version)