View Full Version : ImgTool 1.00.9 + Pioneer 105 + Nforce 3.11 IDE Drivers

7th November 2003, 01:36
I do not know if it is a drivers fault because I just reinstalled XP but I reckon this should be it and I am not willing to uninstall them before I get some other opinions.

So I am trying to use ImgTool (as I was using it before) and it does not have any other than 1x speed for me to select. Funny thing is that it uses Nero API and Nero gives me 4x speed no problem.

So, is there a workaround to this? It is really weird Nero giving me 4x whereas ImgTool only gives me 1x.

Please reply with your comments.

12th November 2003, 16:31
Has your Nero Demo expired? In that case you can only burn with 1x speed. If not be sure to insert the media before starting ImgTool or insert the media and press the speed reload button right beside the speed select drop down box.

Hope this helps

12th November 2003, 19:21
Nero is full version.

I had pressed reset like a millin times.

Thanks for the help though.