View Full Version : trying to make built in srt subs in mpg file

4th November 2003, 08:59
i have a mpg file and a srt file.
i want to put the subs into the file, so it will be mpg.
the mpg file is mpg 1 ntsc
i've tried using ffdshow, when i mark raw video codec, ffdshow
opens with media player and displays the subs.
but when i'm opening the file with tmpgenc or main concept,ffdshow
does'nt opens. nor does vobsub.
i've tried framserving with vd but i got a decrease in quality and
audio sync problems \:
i've tried configuring envariomental setting in tmpgence..
b.t.w is it possible to convert srt to vob?
if yes i can mux the two video streams in vegas...i think..
i've read the sticky and didn't found information about srt>vob.

a lot of questions...yes..but all of them regarding one problem...

5th November 2003, 14:55
Simply answer : MPEG1 files can not hold subtitles.

You either have to reencode your movie, hardcoding your subs into the video ( frameserving with Vdub, as you tried already ) or make a S-VCD ( MPEG2 ) from your VCD. But note that many DVD players will not recognize the subs in S-VCD, check the compatibility lists before if your player does ....