View Full Version : ImgTool Classic 0.90 Build 8 released

21st October 2003, 08:50
What's new?

new settings dialog
Volume ID warning removed
Supports DVD Decrypter (http://www.dvddecrypter.com) CLI Mode (burn image after creation)
[ Download (http://www.coujo.de/ib/index.php?act=html_include&incl_name=download) ]

Greets, CouJo!

21st October 2003, 10:51
Great work, thanx for you effort :).

21st October 2003, 19:08
...jip itc rocks...THanX coujo

22nd October 2003, 00:46
thanks for adding even more to this excellent tool ;)

23rd October 2003, 01:53
thanks Coujo...sorry about not getting back to you (long story) anyway. This is awesome. Anyway can use video files from any dvd backup program and burn with 100% free solution (do consider donating though to Coujo and Lightning UK!)