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Clown shoes
14th October 2003, 12:29
I am authoring a disc that contains among other things a feature and an extended version of the feature that contains deleted scenes. Now I am aware that it is not possible to do seamless branching in scenarist but it is possible to re-use the track without using up additional space. My question is whether or not there will be a visible delay when going from one pgc to another and also whether or not the display timer will be reset. If either of these are the case does anyone know of a workaround?

Many thanks
Clown Shoes

14th October 2003, 13:59
COuld you please explain to me why scenarist would not be capable of doing seamless branching. Or in other words what would be the difference between seamless branching and reusing (pieces of) the same track in different titles/pgcs?

In your case you would have two PGCs using. One containing the normal movie and one containing the one with the deleted scenes.

Since you're using the same vobids (as you would do since it's seamlessly branched) for both the original and the extended version (+ some unique ids for the deleted scenes) the size will be kept down.

And to answer your question: no you won't notice anything during playback because one single PGC will be played and ther's not jumping from one PGC to an other.

Very simple lay-out as example:

vobid1: movie
vobid2:deleted scene 1
vobid3:deleted scene 2

PGC1:vobid1 : normal feature
PGC2:vobid1 (chapter 1 to x), vobid2, vobid1 (chapter x to x), vobid3 etc

Clown shoes
14th October 2003, 14:40
Ok Influenza, now I am confused. How can it be in one PGC? Surely if I am using multiple peices, each one will need it's own PGC. When you talk about joining the vobids what do you mean? If I connect the parts in the track editor it will definatley be two different tracks therefore using up space, but if I connect them in the scenario editor I see no other way than to assign each one its own pgc. I am obviously missing something fundemental here. Please enlighten me.
Clown Shoes

14th October 2003, 15:17
Please explain the structure you want to create and I can be more clear (at least I hope).

I thought that what you meant is as follows:

Movie 1: just the feature nothing more nothing less
movie 2: the feature enriched with some deleted scenes (ie a longer version of the feature). But maybe you mean those extras are not 'woven' into your movie but can be called from it kind of like button over video?

But anyway if it's like I think it is:

You'll have the video from your feature. Let's say we put this in PGC1.

Besides that you have pieces of video that are extra (but have the same aspect ratio etc). Those pieces of video are in an other track ofcourse.

Now you can create a second PGC which will contain (parts of) your feature mixed with the extras.

Since you reuse the same video (because you only have one track which contains the main movie's video) this will not take more space. Well it will take more space, but only because you've put some extra pieces of video in it.

An other option is to create extra PGCS for the extras. In this scenario you would also have two PGCS.
PGC1:movie only
PGC2:movie only, but with added functionality to jump to your extras. You could use cell commands for this purpose. Still you should have video with the same attributes (aspect ratio) to be able to put all this in the same VTSSet. if this is not the same then you must put them in a different VTSset and create jump to an other VTSSET, which will make things more complicated.

But this is getting a very long story, so please provide some more info if needed.

14th October 2003, 15:32
O and to answer you original question: jumping to pgcs will cause some delays. And the timer will be reset, since a different piece of video is played.

Clown shoes
14th October 2003, 15:41
What I need is two full versions of the movie, one about 90 mins long and the other about 100 mins long containing 4 extra scenes.

*(Now you can create a second PGC which will contain (parts of) your feature mixed with the extras.)*

What I don't understand is how to do this without splitting the original feature in to parts and therefore needing to use multiple PGCs. As I understood it you can only re-use information in the track editor without taking up more space. If this is the case, how do I attach the first deleted scene at about 15 mins in and keep this in one PGC?

The very confused Clown Shoes

14th October 2003, 15:50
Well I guess your movie is mad up of cells and chapters?

So what you can do is create this second PGC and drag the chapters/cells you wnat to use from the main movie.

For example you have the movie which contains 12 chapters. You want to play chapter 1-6 and then you want to put in some extra that's not in the main movie. After this you want it to continue with chapters 7-12. (instead of chapters you can also use cellpoints)

In the track editor we have:
Track 1: main movie 12 chapters
track 2: extra

We now create:
PGC1: main movie (track one)
PGC2: main movie chap 1-6, extra, main movie chap 7-12 (so track1, track2, track1).

We reuse track1 in both pgc1 and two. We have only one track1 so this menas we use a semaless branching technique and we don't double the space.

An other option:
PGC1:main movie (track1)
PGC2:main movie (we want this to be the extended one)(track1)
PGC3:extra (track2)

In this scenario we add a cell command to the end of chapter 6, jumping to pgc3. After PGC3 you set commands to jump back to PGC2 and resume from chapter 7. This is somewhat more complicated maybe. And in this scenario you have your timer/delay issues.

But either way you use track1 two times and thus do seamless branching and not doubling the size of your final VTSset

Clown shoes
14th October 2003, 17:04
I have seen the light....

Thank you influenza, it is sorted now. I was confusing myself unecessarily. Now as I look at it seems so obvious, duh. Anyway thankyou again this has realy helped me out.

Clown Shoes

14th October 2003, 17:19
The most obvious things are usually overlooked easily :sly: