View Full Version : Sony 510A just stopped working

12th October 2003, 23:31
Hi there,
I was burning a dvd image copy through DVDecrypter, then when it said 99% of writing lead-in the programme got stock.
After a few minutes I decided to cancel the programme. I did that and I noticed the orange pilor light of the DVD rewriter kept on flashing , I pressed the eject button to try to extract the Prinko 1/4x blank dvd, but the eject button would not respond. I switched off the pc and manually (trrough eject hole) extracted dvd, restarted pc and to my attonishment the dvd drive will not respond and the light will continue to flash non-stop.
Has anybody suffered this problem and knows how to solve it without having to go to the guarantee process????
Any ideas on what caused it and how to fix it. The only thing I tried to do while burning the DVD was to syncronize my HP 2210 pda with outlook via Bluetooht.
Please, I need help.
El sr al.