View Full Version : Hardcoding Chinese Subtitle Guide (For newbies)

30th September 2003, 00:53
Ok, I finally figured out alot of things and with subtitles and VDubMod. I want to share my experience with all the newbies so they dont have to go through the things I did. First before you read further, you must have or know how to rip a subtitle file and a movie file. (Best is you use this on your avi file for maximum quality, then covert to VCD mpeg with TMPG after)

Things you (might) need:
Subtitle studio
VirtualDubMod and Subtitle Filter
NJStar communication (or with Window XP, install the language you need)(Chinese (cantonese and madarine) are not east asian languages. You can choose them in controll panel > regional and language settings.

Skip this part if you have a SSA subtitle file.
Ok first if you dont have a SSA (SubStation Alpha) subtitle file then use Subtitle Sudio (can be found on Doom9.org) to convert to ssa. Double-click the icon > open > (find your subtitle file). In the edit column you may find two arrows. Click one if you dont see "convert". Choose your output format (SSA). In subtitle studio you may also edit your subtitle in anyway you need to. Save your subtitle in the format (SSA).

After you got your SSA file you need to open VirtualDubMod. Open your video file. If you have an audio error say no if it ask you to change the bitrate (by changing the bitrate it will cause a 3-20 seconds audio and video un-sync). Go to filter (you should have installed the subtitler filter) and "add". Select subtitler filter. In the "..." find your subtitle then "OK". Under video go to compression and choose your compression. I prefer to work with Divx 5 because it is much more easier than the first-second pass Xvid and the quality is quite nice. Then save as (avi).

This worked great with me, and I hope it is too with you guys. If there is any problem while doing this, tell me. I'll help you personally to figure it out (helping others help me gain experience too). I'm going to some more and I will update this. Tell me if you have suggestion, problem, ideas, or something you need clarifying in this guide. Enjoy!