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24th September 2003, 10:30
OK, so recently I've been having problems w/ the encoding portion of the process. I'm on NTSC, so interlacing hasn't been any problem.

I left the house to come back hoping Re-Authorist would be done. Now, would the program still be open if it had finished (note: I didn't click 'shut down when complete')? I think someone may have been on my computer while I was gone. But lets assume they weren't here.

I check the size of my VTS files and they add up to 7.48, when previously it claimed the completed project would be 4.4 (give or take).

So I go into Scenarist, get to step 3 and 'start'. It tells me the projected file size won't fit the capacity of a DVD. I click 'continue anyway' and then my project fails and theres place-holders on EVERY file due to errors.

Does anyone know what may have caused this or what the problem is?


24th September 2003, 10:42
ReAuthorist does remain open when encoding is complete, mainly so you can hit the 'Author It!' button. Due to the size of your project and the placeholers in Scenarist you have to assume that someone else was at the machine and probably cancelled the encoding process by accident or otherwise.

Check the VTS folders as the original demuxed files will be .M2V and any that have been encoded by CCE will be .MPV. If the MPVs don't exist or they are quite small someone definitely interrupted the encoding.

Best solution is delete all your folders and start over.

24th September 2003, 17:52
OK, my sister WAS on my computer but she said there was an error message and she had to shut down the computer. This isn't the first time I've had a problem during encoding.

Once before it just froze in the middle of encoding a file that should've only taken a minute or so (it lasted over 2 hours).

Other times I get error messages popping up during the encoding process.

Should I Re-DL the CCE files?
Also, does anyone know off the top of thier head how to turn off the Error Report option in Windows (XP)?

thanks again

24th September 2003, 18:07
Depends what the error messages are as to what you do next but if I were you I'd save myself a load of hassle trying to work it out and start from scratch. Get TweakUI to disable error reporting or go to System Properties > Advanced > Error Reporting