View Full Version : Huffy AVI 2.11 sync issue

19th September 2003, 19:23
I am capturing huffy AVI 2.11 and I want to use CCE to encode them into dvd compliant files. The captured files play flawlessly with no sync issues. But when I try to use cce or tempgenc the a/v is out of sync. Is there any reason for this. I use version
Using TEMPGenc yeilds the same results using the default dvd (NTSC) template.

20th September 2003, 22:44
Using the same huffy codec with the same settings, I do not get the sync issues when capturing in virtualdub.
It is funny because the captured file does not have any sync issues for either program. Only sync issues are when trying to encode the AVI from MMC.
HHHMMM, I don't get it. I would like to use MMC to do because I love the scheduling setup. Oh well

21st September 2003, 04:02
Try Virtual VCR from www.digtv.ws