View Full Version : Wavey interference in capturing VHS

18th September 2003, 23:41

I have one of two VCRs connected to my PC onthe Hauppauge WinTV card via a composite/SVideo cable. Currently with both VCRs the SVideo plays B&W and so I just use the composite.

There is a wavey, diagonal interference on the screen, the speed of the waves depends on which VCR I use and does not depend on the oscillator frequency of the RF output of the VCR. I have also noticed such interefence on my TV when watching Satellite or DVD and it usually goes away when I switch the VCR off.

So it seems the VCR is producing this wavey like interference and I would like to know how to stop it because of course it appears in my captured AVIs too. It is small and almost not noticeable but still there.


23rd September 2003, 07:24
If you turn off the VCR and it goes away, it is probably a fualt in the power supply (of the VCR) wich manifests itself when under operating load. Most VCRs will supply a very small current all the time to run the clock etc. When you say switch off, do you mean pull the plug or press the "power" button on the VCR?