View Full Version : MPEG 1/2 encoding in cce or tmpg WHILE capturing

17th September 2003, 04:46

I'm wondering if there is a way to encode MPEG1/2 video with cce or tmpg while capturing analog video input, in real time ?
Maybe with some sort of frameserving ?

PS: I tried some MPEG capture program like powerVCR but I'm very disapointed by the overall quality, compare to cce / tmpg...
I'm using iuVCR to capture video.

17th September 2003, 09:14
Possible, not practical.

17th September 2003, 16:03
My BT878 card came from Aver with drivers and software that would only capture in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2. Not CCE, not TMPG, but still MPEG encoding on the fly.

I struggled with it for about a month, in order to capture at max resolution, at reasonable bitrates, without dropped frames.

I fount that I could minimize CPU load (which reduced framedrops) only by setting the MPEG GOP to 100% I-frames. But I could not eliminate dropped frames, and maintain sufficient bitrate for my needs.

If you read the FAQ on MPEG-4 capture (it has similar CPU requirements to MPEG-2, and DivX is the codec used as an example), you'll see why, as Fred mentioned, it is possible, but not very practical. If I recall correctly, Fred captures in MPEG-2, but not with software. He uses outboard hardware rather than an analog capture card.

17th September 2003, 17:06
What type of external mpeg compressor are you using Fred?

17th September 2003, 20:04

possible & practical...I can capture in real-time with MPEG-2 and divx (and, of course, in Huffyuv or picvideo mjpeg) in every PAL resolutions and parameters...

BTW I use an asus P4B800 + 512 Mb + WD 80 Gb + P4-2.6 Ghz with HT (I can overclock it at 3.3 Ghz but 2.6 will do :) + Pinnacle PCTV Rave (BT878) with tweaked drivers (http://www.iulab.com/).


17th September 2003, 21:20
@echooff, ADS USB Instant DVD 2.0 with high bitrates

@famawizard, the question is about using CCE or TMPGEnc as real-time encoders. Is THAT what you're doing?

18th September 2003, 14:45
You might want to test mainconcept encoder 1.4, which is a fast and good mpeg2 and mpeg1 encoder. There is a capture video option but I have not tried it yet. Someone told me that it use wdm drivers.

18th September 2003, 18:43

No, I said that I use other programs/codecs but I thought Milos tried using tmpgenc because he was disappointed by powervcd.

He can use iuVCR (I usually use virtualvcr/iuvcr/windvr recorder)...

Could you tell me why I shoul use tmpgenc or cce for real-time recording?

I tested all of them (with various sources and resolutions) and I don't think they are a better choice in comparison with capturing with huffyuv + mpeg-2/divx coding.

IMHO for real-time recording (and mpeg-2 storing) windvr is a good solution, obviously you can get better results capturing with huffyuv/picvideo and filtering/recompressing, but with some sources the difference is not so easily detectable (some times I record with windvr and then I use virtualdubAAC/filtering/divx).
Of course the speed of my system is very useful :)

I would like to use avisynth but I can't get sound from mpeg-2 files created by windvr... someone can help me? :)

BTW, what about your "VHS filter setup"? Any news?

Sorry for my bad English and ciao.


19th September 2003, 03:31
I can't think of a good reason to use either as a capture codec, so to speak.

Regarding VHS, I've changed things a lot as some things weren't working as I'd hoped. All I'm using now are Reinterpolate411 if DV, CNR2 if tape and PeachSmoother. Will probably start using SpotRemover again because there's nothing else which works well for scratches/dropouts.