View Full Version : Hauppauge VFW driver behavior in W2K and XP

16th September 2003, 23:12
On the hauppage page http://www.hauppauge.com/html/sw_wcst.htm one can download VfW drivers for W2K and XP.

Is there someone who got those drivers to work, both in W2K and XP?

16th September 2003, 23:41

I am not familiar with those drivers, but I have the WinXp drivers for the Hauppauge Nova card.

What is exactly the problem. Can't you receive channels ?

At first my card didn't work, I had to bring it back. So they modified the Bios setting and contacted Hauppauge who made a new version of the drivers.

But I think the main in problem in my case was that I had no dvb driver. I didn't know that you had to install a dvb driver.

I hope this information is helpfull.

17th September 2003, 01:57

I have used those drivers before on Windows XP. And they worked fine.
If you are having trouble installing them, download:


This will search for all capture drivers (including Hauppauge drivers) and remove them from the driver database.
This will ensure that you dont have any conflicts with installing the new driver.

Personally I dont use the original Hauppauge drivers, because they dont let you capture in full frame / full resolution.

I use the btwincap drivers, they allow me to use my Hauppauge card how I want. They can be found at:



(by the way, the Hauppauge NOVA card is a Digital TV card, not an analog card, they use completly different drivers.)

17th September 2003, 11:04
I can't get the VfW drivers working on my XP Pro system. I get a good picture, better than with the WDM drivers, but audio is extremely muffled when stereo mode initializes. If you're interested, I can get you a sample of that.

On one of my earlier rigs the VfW drivers worked fine. It seems to be very system-specific.

Josh: do you get proper stereo with the BTWinCap drivers, I mean, I sometimes got zero separation and sometimes proper stereo. That prevents me from using those drivers.

17th September 2003, 21:04
Personally I dont use the original Hauppauge drivers, because they dont let you capture in full frame / full resolution.
You mean 768x576 (dunno whether they have PAL in Australia)?

Btw, I'm asking this for the analog capture card. Then I can add some warnings if necessary :)

18th September 2003, 02:59

I get good picture with the Hauppauge drivers and with the btwincap drivers, although you are right, the sound is only Mono with the btwincap drivers but the sound is perfectly clear.

Thats why I use the direct output from my Cable Box. I then get Stereo via Line-In.

and Wilbert,

yes I mean 768x576,

and yes Australia is a PAL country. (PAL-B)

18th September 2003, 15:08
Can you run MoreTV or DScaler with the btwincap drivers ?
My XP freezes instantly, when I want to start those programs.

I have a original Hauppauge driver, which has no problems with full Pal captures.

Unfortunately, those original drivers have a problem with the yuv colorspace, therefore I get field-swaps during captures, but it can be fixed, when I select RGB24 colorspace.

I get everytime tff-videos with the btwincap drivers, but I get sometimes bff and sometimes tff videos with the old original hauppauge drivers.

I haven't testet the new drivers mentioned above, but I will do that in short.

20th September 2003, 04:42
I donno about MoreTV, I have never used it,
but what I do know is that, Dscaler does not use any of your windows divers, Dscaler dosn't even require any drivers installed. It uses its own WDM database, so if your having problems with Dscaler its your settings within Dscaler.

note: make sure select the exact Tuner and Tuner model in Dscaler, eg. Temic 4009 FR5 (mine).

I am aware of the colorspace issues, thats why I use btwincap drivers because they work perfecly for me when capturing. The only problem is they fail to initialise the Stereo chip.

I think the field order also bepends on the source. eg.TV channel or program.

Because I have found that the cartoon channels have a different field order than other channels.