View Full Version : Cannot create dvd2avi_project_file.d2v

16th September 2003, 01:47
The last build I could run on any of my 3 machines is 1.1.1 build 2.
When I install a newer version it works fine until I reboot and then I get the following message "Cannot create file DVD2AVI_Project_file.d2v". This is the same message I have gotten for months. I reinstall 1.1.1 build 2 and everything is fine. Install the latest 1.2.1 build 2 and after I choose my video start point and end point and the program stops with the above message.

I don't want to be left behind my not being able to install the latest version so any help would be appreciated.

If anyone needs more info or more clarification and will be happy to post that as well.

Hopefully I have posted in an appropriate way and haven't left out something that will get me flamed.

Thank You for your consideration.