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14th September 2003, 03:04
Is it possible to extract menu buttons, background images from a menu in a DVD so that we could then import them to a DVD authoring program, like DVDmaestro?
Or do we have to do them by ourselves and then import them?
What is the best way to extract all the audio files that a DVD contain, also the audio files related to the Menus and extras and so on...
I'm asking you this because I'd like to follow the DVDmaestro and i can't go through the 2nd step if i don't know this.
Hope someone can help me out.
Thanks in advance.

14th September 2003, 14:47
Menu items, audio, video and button highlight masks r kept within the vts_xx_0.vob files of the titleset. U can load them in vobedit and demux all their ingridients.

For DVDMaestro u have to feed these vobs to subrip and demux just the subs in bmp format. Audio and video r usable as they r from vobedit.

14th September 2003, 16:26
Thanks oddyseus for the support.
I just used Vobedit to demux everything, but there were no bmp pictures saved, but sup files.
Is there a way to save files as bmp and not as sup? Or are these different things?
From what I know, i thought sup files were a subpicture file format, but then i wonder where all the bmp files from the DVD are, cause none was demuxed.

14th September 2003, 19:11
The sup files are subtitles, which you can use in ifoedit. But for maestro they are quite useless. That's why oddyseus mentioned suprip.

When demuxing with vobedit pay good attention what you're demuxing (only audio or video or everything).

If you have motion menus there will be m2v files saved and not bmps

14th September 2003, 19:28
I used Vobedit and demuxed everything on the DVD.
I only got one m2v file, 3 Ac3 files and multiple sup files.
No bmp images or m2v related to animation menus.
I have just tried subrip to get pictures, but they were not demuxed with the correct colors.
Hope someone understands what i'm doing wrong.

14th September 2003, 19:31
Don't worry about the actual colors of your bmps. As long as you have choosen the right template in suprip (maestro in your case). The palette file will take care of this.

14th September 2003, 20:23
But how can i extract correctly menu's bitmaps with subrip, if it only supports till 8 bits, and normal bitmaps for menus have 24.
Another thing, I just imported subtitles into DVDmaestro, and when i click on them i see the subtitles but not in the correct image, shouldn't i see them correctly syncronized with image?

14th September 2003, 21:58
Maybe i've not been clear, but i pretend to extract the backgroung images from menus and extras.

14th September 2003, 22:55
Vobedit will take care the extraction of the background images as 1 frame m2v video. This video, u will feed to an application called m2v2bmp and finaly extract the bmps u need in 24bit color. Subtitle highlights however is only 4bit color images and can be handled excellently using subrip.

14th September 2003, 23:44
I now found a great way to get those images in the menu Vob.
I just opened the vob in the vdudmod and captured the images i needed.
I already have the subtitle overlay picture, now i just have to understand how i can get that effect obtained in DVD authoring guide with DVDmaestro, where all the buttons we need are covered by the subtitle overlay image.

15th September 2003, 07:38
If you just wanted to make screendumps, you could also use powerdvd ofcourse.

If you have the subtitles extracted then you can just import the bmp into maestro and the highlight should be on the right place (if you didn't fool around with the background).

After that you can set overlay color, transparancy and action colors etc.

15th September 2003, 15:58
Thanks for your help.
I think I've done crap, I started changing the mapped colours and so on, and i simply can't get nothing to work.
My procedure is the following.
First I load my backgroung bitmap, i can see it correctly.
After doing so, i load the overlay subtitle file, into it. This overlay file was obtained using subrip with maestro preset.
After loading the overlay file, i don't know how to get those squares covering the buttons. I shall also say, that the subtitle overlay file i get from subrip, has nothing to do with the one that is shown as example in DVDmaestro guide, where there is a subtitle overlay file, with a white background and with black squares, that are supposed to cover the buttons, over the background image.

15th September 2003, 19:03
Doesn't MenuEdit now support exporting menus? Check their site because it mentions this in the features.

I don't know how it exports them, but maybe some other MenuEdit users can comment on that here.

What would be nice is for someone to explain how to create a Adobe PSD file from these menu assets, since thats all Adobe Encore needs and more and more programs are supportting the PSD format.

I believe the PSD format is just a Group of pictures in layers and can be created in Photoshop. Now that I come to think of it, doom9 has a guide on creating menus in Photoshop - might want to check that out.

If MenuEdit does extract all the menus nicely, then it would be great to see a guide on how to take all that MenuEdit gives you and build a PSD.

Any power MenuEdit users who want to volunter? :) I am just getting interested in MenuEdit and was going to purchase ($16) only and get a copy this weekend. But had my own problems with Adobe Encore keeping me too busy.

15th September 2003, 19:09
I've just used Menuedit, and yes it extracts the overlay subtitle files, with colors we choose.
Don't export backgorung images, though...
I've also tried overlay files from menuedit, but i'm still not able the get that same effects as in the guide of DVDmaestro.

16th September 2003, 07:39
Ok, you just keep on saying you don't get the same effects as.... Since I do not know all guides by heart, could you please tell me what effect you're expecting and not getting now?

16th September 2003, 08:29
>Don't export backgorung images, though...

Check the site I believe the latest registered ($16) version can export backgrounds, etc.

16th September 2003, 11:27
MenuEdit does export background image (preview frame selected in edit dialog).

At the moment buttons are exported as bitmap image with buttons layout, but it is not a problem to add some other format. I just need to know what it is.

16th September 2003, 11:35
All you neeed is a bitmap, with the button layout in any of the 4 colors used for subpictures. In your authoring program you can map the correct colors and you're set.

16th September 2003, 13:32
In DVDmaestro guide( http://www.doom9.org/mpg/maestro.htm ), it shows a overlay subtitle file that has two colors, white and black, black is the rectangulars that represent the buttons.
So when he adds the subtitle overlay file to the background image he had already set for menus, he manages to get the buttons overlayed by a blue color.
I wonder how I can get that effect.
Hope I have been clear this time.

16th September 2003, 13:56
Ok. A subpicture can consist of 4 colors (white, blue, red and black).

What you have to create/acquire is an overlay picture. This overlay picture just as in the guide has to have an overlay for your buttons.
The easiest thing to do is have a white background and little squares/retangles etc depends on the shape of your buttons in on of the three remaining colors (blue, red or black). Those retangles have to be on exactly the same place as the button which is on your background.

So basically you have two things:

A background with a button or text or anything so you know what chopice you're making
and a overlay for this button, which will give you the desired effect.

After importing your bmp into maestro and setting it as an overlay you can assign colors to your overlay. You have to draw button first though (just draw a square around your button (you do not have to be very precise, just make sure you cover the entire button)

You have three choices here:
Suppicture, button selection and action.

Fist you map the color. You see the 4 colors you have and map a color. So for example you map black to red. Which means that a black overlay will be shown as red. Besides that you can play with the transparancy. SO for example if you slide the slider all the way left this will mean that you will not see the overlay! Normally you want this, because you only want to see it to highlight a button/choice.

So if you take a look at the guide and look at fe black, you'll see that the black subpicticture will be shown as being blue, but the transparancy is zero so you won't see it. If the button is selected the overlay will become dark blue. Transparancy is set to 5 so you'll see the button through it (nice when you have for example a scene selection screen with animated chapters). When pressing the button it will become gray and somewhat less transparent.

Little tip: to see if everything is in place set the transparancy of your subpicture to the maximum value first (so not transparant), like this you can see if all your overlays are alligned well. If you made sure set it to the desired value.

Also set your background color to be completely transparant.

Hope this makes it all a lot clearer.

16th September 2003, 19:17
Thanks a lot Influenza.
You should post this doom9 site, i think this was much clearer.
Thanks a lot, a sorry for the time you waste.
Now I can play with menu in DVDmaestro. :D

16th September 2003, 20:41
No problem, was bored anyway :D

I think the guide is quite good (I guess, because I don't use maestro), but I'm glad I could clarify some points for you.