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10th September 2003, 01:16
Very new to all this, so i hope this is the correct place to post this question...

I am expecting a dvd +/- r/rw to arrive this thursday. I wrote the maker of my stand-alone dvd player(jvc) to ask them which medium (+/- r disks) are compatible with my player(so I'd know which ones to buy at Wal-Mart) Their response was only origional dvds/vcds play in their dvd players! (I don't know what they mean by origional, I've burned vcd's and had them play in the player)

Anyway, I guess my questions are these: What format would an origional (i guess OEM?) DVD burned with in the factory be, if neither one of these formats are compatible? Was this just a standard response to keep the people from backing up their personal dvd's? (have other people incountered this response from a company?) Is there one that is more likely to work in most stand-alone dvd player? (meaning between the +r and the -r)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance....


10th September 2003, 01:20
Hello, and welcome to the forum.

www.dvdrhelp.com maintains a database of standalone players and their capabilities. Click on www.dvdrhelp.com/dvdplayers and enter your make and model information.

10th September 2003, 01:33
thanks for your speedy response jggimi!!!

i dont know what to make of all this. that website says it will play dvd-r/-rw. some of the personal response say they can get +r/+rw to work. yet one person points out that the manual says none of them will work!!! seems to me, they would want to have their product known to be versatile.

anyway....thanks for your help!

10th September 2003, 09:55
From the test I ve read I understand that all new dvd reading mechanisms used in the newer and newest models r capable of reading dvd -/+ r disks.

I guess that its in the manufacturer's discretion to prohibit playback from these disks, but I doubt if anyone would choose to follow this path.

I would advise to follow the advice of jggimi's link. The reports from dvdrhelp r 90% true according to my kknowledge. If they say it supports dvd-/+r media, 90% chance is that it does. Even if the disk u may make doesn't work at first, chances r that u made a mistake somewhere along the road.

U can test if it actually supports writable media by testing one a friend of yours made and works in his standalone.