View Full Version : Video cap help (virtual dub+flyvideo98)

7th September 2003, 03:37
Hey all long time dvd ripper but n00bie capper here.

I got a problem with dropped frames on my computer, heres the info:

I'm using VirtualDubMod to try and capture a 1 hour PAL B video to my computer.
My TV turner is a FlyVideo 98/FM which uses on of the bt848/878 chips. This card has a theoretical max resolution of 640x480@32 but for some reason i can cap at anything up to 720x480.
I'm using the only drivers i could find for this card under win2k. Conexant's BTPCI WDM cap drivers. And they seem to work.

Now the problem is this:
It drops frams, about 1 each second. I'm not sure if i set up virtual dub incorrectly, but it does it regardless of capture format (although i haven't tried changing color to anything other than yuv2). It also makes no difference to how heavily i compress it (no my cpu doesn't max out no where near it).

I've tried using Xvid at 1000kbps just to check if it's the hdd but it wasn't. I mainly use Huffyuv lossless codec, and audio pcm 22100 khz 16bit stereo.

I'm almost certain this is because some type of setup problem in virtual dub. Can someone either point me in the direction of some info on what all the options mean and what are the best to rip the video, or can someone direct me to another capture utility!

7th September 2003, 07:11
Look around this thread - search vfwwdm.
Your problem is incompability of V Dub with WDM capture drivers, most likely.

Solution could be using VFW driver (only Win98/Me) - it works fine by me.
Or other capturing program, WDM compatible. Virtual VCR is free, and works pretty well, although it misses some nice features of V Dub.

7th September 2003, 07:42
i'll look into it.

As long as it can rip high res video with huffyuv compression i can easily post process it afterwards !