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Darkan9el DVD Master
6th September 2003, 02:30
Hi all, I want to Put VHS video onto a DVD-R

System Spec:
Asus A7VX-X Moby
XP 3000+ CPU
Two Western Digital 120Gb HDD
1Gb Samsung DDR PC 3200 Ram
128mb Gainward Graphic card with an S-video socket.
Sony A500 DVD Writer x4
Liteon 52x24x52 Cd Writer
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Ex Sound Card
IIyama 19" monitor

I have a Panasonic S-VHS video recorder with an S-video socket and audio/video outs

What other hardware do I need and what software is required?


best regards Lee

6th September 2003, 16:16
Ahh... so much talk about hardware and didn't say is gr. card VIVO.

Anyway, you need S-Video cable, audio cable (stereo, cinchx2 to sound card connector (unknown for me))

Capture card (if have not) - choice is big, but for VHS you don't need some extra quality and expensive. Usually with card comes capturing software, good for beginners :)
And I hopem that you get with DVD burner some soft too :D

Darkan9el DVD Master
6th September 2003, 18:59
Hi thanks for the reply, with regard to dvd writer I have dvd-decrypter, dvd2one, and nero v6. I also have VirtualDub latest version and Win Producer and Win Coder.

The Graphic card is a Gainward Golden sample Ultra/650XP 128DDR Video in/Video out(VIVO) DVI.

At the moment I have a cable that is s-video out from the Graphic card and then goes to a Red/Yellow/White jack plug setup It also has what I think is composite video sockets.

Please forgive my ignorance but can i connect my video recorder directly to this card? or do i have to patch it through a TV?

best regards Lee

6th September 2003, 20:22
Of course that you can connect VCR directly to S-video input of your VIVO card. It is the best solution, and never connect via TV.

I think that you can use S-video cable for capturing purpose (meanwhile forget TV out), or buy another for that...

Look CD's of graphic card, there must be some capturing sogtware.