View Full Version : Newb question about capturing.

2nd September 2003, 09:44
I have a MSI TV@Nywhere:http://www.dvdrhelp.com/capturecards.php?CaptureCardRead=MSI%20TV@nywhere&Search=Search It says that it does analog in.I also have a camcorder but it is only a S-VHS.It has Rca jacks and an S-Video on it.I have tried to plug the S-Video directly into the TV@nywhere's S-Video.I get picture but no audio.I tried it with RCA jacks as well and it did diddly.How would I go about capturing from my Camcorder to the computer?

2nd September 2003, 13:25
The S-video connection carries video only. You will also need to connect the audio output on you camcorder (red and white RCA sockets?) to the line-in on your PC's soundcard (3.5mm stereo jack plug, sometimes coloured blue).

3rd September 2003, 05:14
wouldn't i just put the rca cables from my camcorder to my capture card?I have the audio line from capture card to the audio in for sound.Also where do I put the wdm-vfw-wrapper?Do I put it in v-dub?

3rd September 2003, 13:46
If your capture card has an audio line-in jack, then yes, you can connect your camcorder to that if you like, then you don't need to swap leads when you use the TV tuner. (My card has audio out jack only :( )

As for the wrapper, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that one.