View Full Version : Disableing PowerDVD Default.PLS

30th August 2003, 17:29
I have configured the vob files to open with PowerDVD.
Every time I doubleclick on one, PDVD creates a Default.PLS file.
Can I disable that? It bothers me.


30th August 2003, 23:24
I looked to disable this freaky Default.PLS file, but couldn't find the option.. :mad:

so i now use the a/v decoders of pdvd through Zoom player... wich is a good option IMO :o


31st August 2003, 00:26
Thanks for the reply. Maby I'll look into that too. If nobody else knows how to disable that thing.


31st August 2003, 08:46
i too, configure my *.vob files to open with powerdvd, but i also created a shortcut in my taskbar for powerdvd, cause it was easier to load all my *.vob at once, than to double-click one after the other; plus no shortcuts or playlist created from double-clicking.

31st August 2003, 23:55
There is no way to prevent from PDVD to create this file when you double clicking on a VOB /whatever) file using conventional methods since it's hardcoded into the program itself, the only way to stop it from creating this file is by altering the main executable Powerdvd.exe)

Load "powerdvd.exe" into your favorite Hex Editor application (mine is Hex Workshop (http://www.hexworkshop.com/) ) Press CTRL-F and search for a text string "Default.pls" now as soon as you find it replace each and every character with an 11 zero value bytes (use Fill command) do not just delete it, the program will crash) at the end of the process this line should look like this ...........
Press "save" button and if you did everything correctly the program will no longer create this file.

Enjoy ;)

1st September 2003, 02:50
Thank you very much. I finaly got rid of those annoying files.
I really appreciate your help.
Thanks again