View Full Version : DVD+r will not play on Phillips DVD 711 player

30th August 2003, 00:28
I have a Phillips DVD 711 player And can't get my newly burned dvd's to play on it, they play do play on my PC though.

I'm using Verbatim +r media and the Lite-on LDW-401S.

From what I've read the Phillips DVD 711 is compatable with DVD+r media.

I've only used DVD X copy Express to burn.

30th August 2003, 04:04
Verbatim media (purple back) play's in my PS2 but not compatible with phillips DVD 711. Although all the info I have found states that phillips DVD 711 play's DVD+r media. Guess mine doesn't:( oh well Just wish I could find something priced for 45.00 a 30 pack that works in my player.