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30th August 2003, 00:10
Would the following even be possible ?

1) rip a DVD from disc to hard drive as ISO image with dvddecryptor using mode 'ISO read' (as mentioned in the guide on DVD5->DVDR backup)

2) mount this iso using the wonderful Daemon tools as a virtual dvd

3) use this virtual dvd as the source for dvd2svcd to start the creation of my svcd

Why ? I'm currently testing my new dvdwriter and since I don't have any experience yet burning dvd's, I would like to keep the original in some form on my hard drive, prolonging also my dvdrom's lifespan.
This way I can use this image to experiment with diverse dvd copy tools while also being able to create my svcds just in case the dvd copy would fail. Normally I always create a simple straight copy of the dvd on my HD and let dvd2svcd rip from there. But since dvddecryptor can not read from hd I would otherwise have to store the copy + the iso and I wanna save some hd space.

30th August 2003, 00:17
Originally posted by Patjen
[B]Would the following even be possible ?
Yes. It works with CloneCD.

However, in this case internal ripping seems to have trouble ripping from a mounted ISO. It begins OK, but then it stalls (at least on my system).

I use Tylo's excellent "vStrip for DVD Decrypter" plugin to do the job. It integrates seamlessly with D2S.

Get it at http://home.no.net/tylo/

Hope this helps.

30th August 2003, 03:49
I do that all the time...rip to .iso with dvddecrypter and mount with daemon-tools. Just decactive ripping and it'll prompt you to activate ripping say NO. Then it'll give you and warning then say OK. Remember this though, when not doing it with internal routines and it has a problem....before reporting a problem it's wise to rip the files from the .iso or original dvd and try it again.

30th August 2003, 13:55
Thanks for your replies already....

However I'm planning to keep using the D2S internal rip routines basically to keep using the exact same process for creating the svcds like I did succesfully >100 times in the past.
I guess this means that D2S will rip an already ripped dvd (meaning the iso image made by dvddecrypter) .

Will this create problemes for the internal routines ?

Yeah I know, I'm not too smart but I want to avoid lots of dvd coasters. They're still a little bit too expensive to mess around with ;)

30th August 2003, 14:55
Originally posted by Patjen
Will this create problemes for the internal routines ?
I think that question is already answered in this very thread. But if you're in doubt, try and see. Then report back.