View Full Version : Did I do Somthing stupid !? Although it fixed the problem!

28th August 2003, 01:41
Well here is the story:

I am used to capture (mostly directly to Xvid) with Iuvcr.
As I have a Pal (digital satellite Source) I capture to (720X576) Standard size for pal.

But the problem is that I was always getting a black Border ONLY on the left side of the picture! :(

So what I did was:
I added a "Crop Filter" in Iuvcr and set X1=32
The problem was fixed and no black border left.
But the dimention of the output video file was no longer 720X576
That make sens. After croping it becomes 720-32= "688X576"
So then to fix this problem I set the capture format in IUvcr to:
752X576 (720+32)!!!
Well now what I get is an output file of exactly 720X576 and no black border on the side.

But I am somehow wondering if this is not a stupid or messy way to fix this problem! Isn't this method screwing up something!?

Actualy the image quality is good, But is the aspect ratio respected?

Also is there any better way to get rid of the black border on the left of the image?