View Full Version : cant read "the core Movie"

25th August 2003, 17:47
just bought the core the movie.
im backing it up using dvd decrypter it
get to vob 03 and give me cant read error sector
also tryed smart ripper same thing

can you help me. :mad: :rolleyes: :confused:

25th August 2003, 19:31
Could be an error on the disc. Does it play back correctly on a stand-alone player or a software player?

25th August 2003, 22:17
Forget checking it in a standalone, that is no test of the discs readability.
Sounds like you've got a faulty disc. Maybe try giving it a quick clean. Failing that, get it replaced.

26th August 2003, 13:37
it work fine in my standalone player..

and my friend is having the same problem with
the one he bought.

11th September 2003, 05:33
Same thing happened to me. Movie works in my stand-alone but won't go past VOB 03 in my computer, playing or ripping, just sits there doing nothing. Took it back and got another disc, same thing..... :confused:

12th September 2003, 05:35
I was able to back up this movie with no problems. I have a Pioneer DVD-120S that I use to rip my DVDs.

12th September 2003, 18:53
DVDDecrypter has a great feature that allows the ripper to skip read errors. The movie plays in a STB since it does the same thing. Most times you will not see or hear anything, sometimes it will skip. Basically, the rip will do the same thing. Go to Tools - Settings - I/O and click ignore read errors after setting read error retries to 1 or 2