View Full Version : So how does CCE make the filesizes?

19th August 2003, 18:38
Ok, here's my problem. I have a VERY high quality source material for a certain anime that I need to reencode, rounded off it's 24 minutes long.

I want it to be 650 MB in size, so I use CCE guesser and get a good one, but the maximum bitrate is 8000. That's too low for me, it still leaves some bad noise on the theme song (it's a high motion anime).

I increase the maximum bitrate greatly, and decreased the minimum, and I got a file about HALF the size! And the noise is less, but is there some sort of calculator where you enter in the bitrate and it tells you what the size would be, instead of vice versa?

Or if someone can reccomend a good bitrate to use to get the 650 MB size....

20th August 2003, 12:31
If you want to fit this clip onto a CD-R, it's best to use DVD2SVCD to convert it, because DVD2SVCD also calculates the overhead required for muxing and audio. However, you'll have to raise the max. bitrate in DVD2SVCD because by default it's fixed to the SVCD spec, 2530 kbps. However, if you raise the maximum bitrate, you have a non-standard SVCD and most standalone players won't play it.

For a good standalone bitrate calculator, I'd recommend FitCD (http://shh.dvdboard.de/).