View Full Version : How to resize this clip for DVD, 704 or 720 + filter advice

16th August 2003, 20:38
Ok, I've captured a documentary about bicycle messengers in NY from TV ;)

My question is how I should resize it to get correct aspect ratio when I burn it do DVD. My first thougt was to resize it to 704*576 but then I noticed a black border on left side of the picture.
Here's a picture from the capture (600KB): http://w1.865.telia.com/~u86517630/forum/bilder/frame.png

Should I resize it to 704*576 or 720*576, what do you think?

I would also like to have some suggestions for a high quality mild temporal smoother/cleaner (no spatial, only temporal) for avisynth.

17th August 2003, 00:13
The Size of the Pic is 768x576, so you have to resize to 704x576.
You can cut of the Borders. A good Tool to do the Maths (and the AVISynth-Script) is Fit2Disc.