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16th August 2003, 18:15
Sorry if this program is discussed already - search didn't helped me to find it (it really misses 'quoted' search of phrase).

DVD X Copy is for making 'legal' backups of users own DVD's. It can backup DVD9 to 2 DVD-R disks and similar. You cannot make further copy from such backup (with this program of course, but not...).
It decrypts internal and cripts back, so no decrypted content accessible etc. Price is 99.99 $ . I don't know is this program considered as legal in all countries.
But: for people who want to make illegal copies it is still good tool - how programm will know that inserted DVD is your own, and not rented or loaned from friend?
WEB address is: http://www.321studios.com .

16th August 2003, 18:40
You are having fun with us, right? There are over 200 threads mentioning DVDXCopy, here is a list (http://forum.doom9.org/search.php?s=&action=showresults&searchid=429506&sortby=lastpost&sortorder=descending)

One correction, though, neither DVDXCopy or any other program for making recordable DVDs is able to restore CSS, recordable media does not support writing the keys.

16th August 2003, 21:13
Sorry, Mr. mpucoder, but exact name of software is DVD X Copy. Should I try by search all possible combinations of incorrect typing?
I wrote it after reading article in one magazine & visiting mentioned site of software owner. Instead offending me better comment lack of search option.
I just wanted starting discussion about law nonsenses, really don't know about encription possibilities on DVD-R medias. In magazine writes that copy will have same digital copy protection and macrovision as on original - yes, I know that magazines often writes stupidities... It's not so important, has copy really protection, I pointed that it can be copied. Point is that this program can be used for making illegal copies. And it can make almost everyone, without every knowledge about A/V.
Second thing is: (probably many times mentioned) warning on medias about forbidding of making any copy. Should we sue publishers for that? - they don't know law that says that making backups is legal. Why nobody care about such things?
All this reminds me on situations in traffic: for example, when somewhere is put too hard speed limit, nobody who drives more than once there will not respect it. So. it's counterproductive at end.
Stupid law is worse than neither law.

16th August 2003, 21:27
Sorry, I didn't mean to make you look bad, I really did think you were making a joke. DVD X Copy, or DVDXCopy, it is spelled either way, has been discussed in the forums and the subject of Doom9 news since before it was released (November 2002). I'm really surprised that a forum veteran such as yourself had never heard of it.

And, yes, it puts a form of protection on the copy. It places a mark somewhere (don't know where because, as I wrote once, even though I received the program for free, and all future updates, plus 5 keys for friends, I don't use it) that it, and only it, recognizes. This prevents it from making a copy of one of its copies. But this does not prevent simple copying. Just rip the copy (with Windows Explorer, if you wish, since there is no CSS) and make another.

Perhaps a better warning screen would be worded like my MSDN CD's - "Unauthorized copying is forbidden".

16th August 2003, 22:22
Yes. I'm late about all this DVD copy stuff.
Magazin article presented it like something really new and 'legal'.
Probably they made it under strong 'propaganda' of 321 Studios.

All in all this is just result of stupid and incoherent laws.
We will get soon better software with DVD burners (or already)...