View Full Version : fast & dirty to way to make a dvd

14th August 2003, 21:55

i need a fast way (and quality is not that important!) to capture video directly to a mpeg2-file, which can be burned directly to a dvd, without ours of encoding/converting etc.

my idea:
1. i use a normal tv-card and use a software mpeg2 encoder.
2. edit mpeg2-file with tmpgenc's mpegtools if neccesarry
3. use a normal authoring software to burn a simple dvd with one videotrack+pcm audio

now the BIG question, where can i find this fast vfw-mpeg2 encoder??


15th August 2003, 16:07
Don't know about a free one,
but if you use an ATI cards come with such a codec - same as many newer TV cards that come with PowerVCR from Cyberlink.

16th August 2003, 01:53
Buy Pinnacle card for some 60 and you will get quality software for all your needs. No need for slow reencode with TmpGenc.

Audio will be recorded as Mp2, not PCM - I think that it's better for DVD.

ATI's Mpeg2 encoder is not so good quality.