View Full Version : DVD Shrink v3.0: Unreferenced Material...strip it out?

14th August 2003, 19:19
This stuff used to be grouped under the Menus section in DVD Shrink v2.3.

What exactly is this? DVDShrink says:

Added "Unreferenced Material" folder, which appears in the main view if material is found on the dvd which does not seem to belong to any menu or title. Previously the existance of this material would cause errors in target size calculations.

Is this stuff that isn't linked from anywhere, or could it possibly be an Easter Egg? Or is it just VOB material from the original mastering that never got authored into the final structure?

I know when InstantCopy encounters this kind of stuff, it doesn't get reflected in the "Customize Disc" breakdown, and it gets stripped during processing.

I have 500+MB of it on this DVD I'm working on (The Shipping News). On further examination, it looks like rough draft material of other content (featurette, trailer) found elsewhere on the disc. I.e., junk.

So, in this case, it's junk -- is that the case in general?