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14th August 2003, 04:44
Is there any program that will let me plug tv or ps2 into the s-video of my capture card. and then let me watch/play either full screen and deinterlace? VirtualDub isnt fullscreen, and mediacruise doesnt deinterlace the overlay.

Thanx for any help

14th August 2003, 16:43
any help on how to do it? ive used it to encode before, but never for fullscreen video.

14th August 2003, 18:38
yeah, i figured it out sortof, its like My capture card, to xform then to a direct show deinterlace filter ( like dscaler's) but i cant find the full screen option!

14th August 2003, 23:04
found full screen, but it only goes to 640x480, i have an lcd ugh

15th August 2003, 01:03
What about Dscaler?

15th August 2003, 02:32
i actually am using dscaler's directshow filter, but i cant get dscaler itself towork. UC, i have the Dvstorm2 and dscaler refuses to recognize it :(

6th November 2003, 19:33
is there any way to get a full screen renderer filter that is 800x600 or higher? my lcd doesnt at all support 640x480. Thanx

6th November 2003, 20:45
Try the TV Plugin from myHTPC.


If you have a modern video card, it will do hardware deinterlacing with the VMR9. If you don't, there is the option for the DScaler deinterlace filter. It is still in heavy development, and there are occasional crashes while loading, but once its up and running its rock solid. You don't need to use the EPG for the TV Plugin to work. It will also allow display resizing. Good luck.


EDIT: Just looked up the DVstorm , you will have trouble playing video games on it with mpeg2 encoding, there is always a delay. If you use XP SP1, you should have timeshifting also. If you have a problem, the developer is very responive.