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11th August 2003, 01:04
Which program should I use
I already tried three progs:
Smart Ripper
Dvd Decrypter

so vStrip is too complicatet for me :D even the guide he he
Dvd Decrypter & Smart Ripper is ok but I can't get the command line working correctly :/

So I have a series Dvd each has 4 episodes
each episode is in one program chain (whatever that means :D)
so I want:
The hole Dvd with all 4 eps ripped with one batch file
I want to demux the audio stream and direct copy the Video.

The problem is that I can't choose a program chain in the command line of Smart Ripper or am I missing something?

11th August 2003, 01:14
biiig sry
I just saw the thread too late :/
(I have used search but it didn't show up I was just lucky to find it)
feel free to deleete mine

11th August 2003, 07:56
have you tried using doitfast4u to do the job? although you are probably going for divx/xvid (or alike), you can also use the files resulting from it for your purposes! :)


27th August 2003, 18:15
thx for your reply

but now I'm rippen with DVDDecrypter with commandline and it working very well.

Now I'm writing a Program that will do all the progress for me :)
You know ripping, create an avs and d2v file and so on.

When I'm finished it will take hopefully no more than one click to make all the episodes on the DVD to DivX avis.
(if I'll ever get finished :D)