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4th August 2003, 11:14
Hi there,

it would be great if somebody could help me to solve the following problem:

1. Recording a TV programme with Hauppauge WinTV Nexus using WatchTVPro, recording as *.PVA, record DolbyDigital is checked.
2. Demuxing the PVA with PVA Strumento, saving separate files for audio and video (*.mpv and *.mpa).
3. Using BeSweet to transcode the audio to a) AC3 or b) DD5.1 WAV.
4. Authoring a DVD with these streams using IFOEDIT. 3a) results in only 2 channel digital audio DVD. 3b) results in an unplayable DVD, which means I see the video, audio is fragmented and asynchronous.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get a DVD including DD5.1 sound?

Thanks for any help in advance.


4th August 2003, 11:28
have you tried demuxing the mpa audio to 6 wav channels (provided it is already 5.1) and then reencoding it to ac3?


4th August 2003, 12:10
If your PVA file contains AC3 Audio you should get an ac3 file after demuxing, not a mpa file. You dont have to reencode it with BeSweet.
But the TV-Station that you record must support AC3 Audio, otherwise you will get only a 2 channel mpa file, wich will of course result in a 2 channel ac3 file after reencoding. Also you need the pre-release version of PVAStrumento or ds.jar, others do not support ac3 audio.

btw, does WatchTVPro really support ac3 recording with pva format ? I thought pva was limited to mpa audio and you have to use mpeg-2 instead. :confused:

forget the last question, it was a limitation of a ProgDVB version...

5th August 2003, 12:19
Thanks for your comments so far.

I have not (yet) tried demuxing to 6 wav's, but will do so.


the TV station does definitely transmit AC3.
Probably WatchTVPro pretenends to record AC3 but is not able to, I can try MPEG-recording instead of PVA.

By the way - how do you record TV programmes including AC3, what would you suggest to use instead?

Thanks for any further help,

5th August 2003, 16:04
I tried a little bit and it seems that WatchTV records both MPA and AC3 audio in pva mode, but PVAStrumento sees and demux only the 2 channel mpa audio track.
To avoid this you can record in mpeg-2 or use ds.jar for demuxing, it demuxes both audio tracks.

6th August 2003, 18:25
:scared: Hm, I used MPEG-2, but still PVA Strumento does not recognize DD5.1 - it seems to be a limitation there.

Is there any other programme I could use to demux instead of ds.jar? Since I am a newbie in this field I do not feel very comfortable installing Sun Java on WinXP etc.

Is there any Win-Application similar to BeSweet which is DAU-compatible (;-))?

THX for any help again.

6th August 2003, 19:37
Well, what do you mean, does it recognise no ac3 at all or does it recognise a 2 channel ac3 stream.
Most channels do only send a 5.1 signal during some rare movies and the other time a 2.0 signal, some do not even send a 2.0 signal in this time, so you will get no audio if you record in mpeg2.
Or lets say you start the recording a bit before the movie begins so the start of your recording is AC3 2.0 and when the movie begins it switches to 5.1, also possible.

I think you have selected the right Recording format ? (Video/AudioAC3 PS MPEG2) And the AC3PID is set correctly in the Channel Properties ?

And you dont need to convert the demuxed file afterwards, you can directly import the ac3 file in your dvd authoring program.

As far as i know there is no alternative to ds.jar or the pre-release version of pvastrumento.

6th August 2003, 19:44
All good questions...

Well, it does recognise a 2 channel AC3 - this might be a good hint. Maybe starting recording to early is the issue.

Right recording format is selected - channel properties will be checked again by me.

Yes, I understood this point, there is no firther conversion necessary.

THX a thousand times. If it works I will post success story.

6th August 2003, 21:32
I have this often, after i cut the beginning/commercials/end the ac3 track is correctly recognised as 5.1 by besplit, before only as 2.0.
But i always wondered what happens if i just use the "combined" 2.0+5.1 track, would a DD Receiver just switch between 2.0/5.1 during playback ? I dont have a DD Receiver so i cannot test this, but i think it is so as it must also switch if i would feed it with the live tv stream.

8th August 2003, 16:39
Hi again,

I did a lot of testing, playing around with all possible settings of WatchTVPro regarding AC3, recorded in PVA and MPG, with/without RAW Format etc.
Tried newest Pre-Release of PVAStrumento (2.1p8).

Nothing worked. There is always a MPA-File created, recognizing stereo audio only.

It seems to me that unfortunately WatchTVPro is uncapable of recording AC3, since the pre-release of PAStrumento should save an AC3-File after detecting this type of audio.

Since I am at the end of my humble knowledge - any ideas what to to?


8th August 2003, 21:04
To reduce the possible problems, could you try to record the german free-tv channel ProSieben (Pro7) ?
Its AC3PID is 257, and if i select Video/AudioAC3 MPEG2 as recording format i get a stream with AC3 audio without problems when i use pvastrumento (of course 2.0 most times)
What version of WatchTV do you use ?

9th August 2003, 06:07
My version of WatchTVPro is 2.14. I will try Pro7.
Thanks again for your kind help.

Update: Tried Pro7. As before, 2 channel stereo is regognized by PVAStrumento, no AC3 file is created.

Quite frustrating....

9th August 2003, 11:13
Try ProgDVB (http://www.progdvb.com) with Software Decoding and MPEG recording. Don't know much about DVD Authoring, but i think there are more tools supporting MPEG than PVA.

But i always wondered what happens if i just use the "combined" 2.0+5.1 track, would a DD Receiver just switch between 2.0/5.1 during playback ? I dont have a DD Receiver so i cannot test this, but i think it is so as it must also switch if i would feed it with the live tv stream.

I use the AC3 decoder of my soundcard (soundblaster audigy) and don't have problems with "combined" 2.0+5.1 tracks, but software decoding don't work, because the ac3filter can't send a "switch channel format" signal.

9th August 2003, 15:49
Thats a part of the changelog for the 2.15 Version of WatchTVPro:

- recording of mpeg2-ac3 files
- recording of pva-ac3 files

I think before it was limited to record the ac3 to a seperate file. Never tried this.
If you cant get the actual (2.22) Version i would also suggest ProgDVB. The old version 4.07 can also record mpeg2+ac3 in Hardware mode, thats what i have done before as software mode is a bit buggy for me.

10th August 2003, 09:20
Thank you so much to all the great people contributing to this thread!

Obviously it seems to be a limitation of the recording software and not a limitation of my mind...:)

I will go an get the newest version of WatchTVPro.