View Full Version : matroska and usf-subtitles

1st August 2003, 23:00

I took a look at the usf-subtitles and I like them.
As far as I know is it at the moment not possible to mux them in a matroska-file or am I not right?
Is it planed for the future to include this subtitles in matroska?


2nd August 2003, 01:08
-good to hear
-no, not yet possible
i don't think it will be included in the 4th august release and i think therefore we should not distub the people too much with this they sure are busy fixing out bugs right now.
But just today i bumped the old "USF in MKV" thread on corecodec with some suggestions, i hope it helps accelerate this feature a bit. There is really not much missing for it to work so it could be its supported from one day to the other (my guess is it would take gabest half a day at most :)

However don't forget USF is still not a final format and IMHO we should really freeze the specification before ppl start making final encodes with USF.

If you've read the specs:
the things i think should be cleared out befor USF is "usable" and not only "testable" are:
-atm you can have language and langageExt in both the metadata and the <subtitles> blocks. The one in metadata should be removed.
-the element <karaoke> should be removed and its functionality provided by <text> ( = <text> had to take the additional tag <k>)
-im not sure about effects and shapes. I think they are not usable right now. People should not yet use them for backups only for testing.

btw did you know VSfilter takes external USF files (like srt or ssa, with the same filename as the movie for auto-load) and VSfilter's Avisynth function Textsub() accepts them too. Therefore hard subs and external softsubs are possible...only the muxing is missing :(