View Full Version : Help me!! I can't use Maxtor 160GB ATA 133 in my PC?

26th July 2003, 23:14
I decided to install a new Maxtor 160GB ATA 133 in my PC with motherboard Gigabyte 8PE667 Ultra. This mobo has two additional IDE channels for ATA 133 or Raid.
So I mounted the Maxtor in IDE3 (ATA133) initialised it and formatted to NTFS through Windows XP Administrative tools and everything was OK. When I rebooted I got a blue sceen which is so quick I cannot read and windows failed to start. So it reboots all the time and Windows XP SP1 refuses to start even if I choose Safe Mode.

Note that the hard disc is recognised during the BIOS loading. I moved the Hard Disc into a normal IDE channel and it works allright. I mounted a DVD rom drive in the ATA 133 channel and it works! I downloaded latest Promise ATA 133 drivers from the Gigabyte site but the problem still occurs. I borrowed an already formatted hard disc from a friend and the same occurs to it. The only way for windows to start is to disable the ATA 133 channels from the BIOS setup (and ofcourse the Hard Disc does not show in windows explorer)

Could you please someone tell me what's going on here? Thanks in advance

28th July 2003, 05:03
This may sound stupid, but did you check your jumper settings on your HD and check the ribbon cables? That's the only thing that you didn't mention in your post. The only other thing I can think of is it's incompatible with your motherboard but if your friends HD is doing the same thing then that's unlikely. Did you say you updated your motherboards bios???

28th July 2003, 14:32
I solved the problem. I unistalled Intel Application Accelerator and everything works perfect.
Has anyone else had this problem with Intel AA

Wulven @ Work
29th July 2003, 21:29
Aside from it actually making half my programs SLOWER. It wasn't accelerating much.