View Full Version : GMC & DivX-players (&Doom9-guides)

26th July 2003, 11:38
I just spend a few hours reading thru the "A word on DivX / XviD capable DVD Players" -post on this forum and i'm confused about GMC-compatibility issues on standalone DivX-players. (Specificly on the Lite-On LVD-2001 I just ordered yesterday - but it seems there's a 3-week waiting list!)

I've been encoding DivX-movies for a few years now, starting with DivX3.11 and working my way up to DivX5.05Pro, always following the guides here on the Doom9-website as closely as possible. Excellent work btw! (fyi, i've done about 50 rips so-far, most of them using the Gordion-Knot-method, and downloaded about 10 more from Kazaa, but gave that up in the end 'cause quality sucks and download-times are huge)

Like most people who follow these guides closely and use DivX5.xxPro, i've activated the GMC-option but not the QPEL-option and I use slight to normal Phsyco-visual enhancement. I also use mostly VBR mp3 audio, sometimes duall audio, ranging from 64 to 192 kBits/s mp3, sometimes in combination with AC3, and lately I tend to keep the AC3-audio file as a seperate file (that is, not muxed) since it plays back perfectly anyway using DirectVobsub.
I also use multiple switchable subtitles since there's still a lot of non-English-speaking people around and once again i use DirectVobsub for correct display.

Now, to get back to my major concern:
Does "incompatible with GMC" mean that none of my DivX-movies encoded using the GMC option will play at all on a standalone? Or does it mean I will get jerky playback in those scenes where GMC was used but the movie(s) will still be watchable and sound will stay synchronised?

Second question: Will subs in "sub+idx"-format ever be supported (thru future firmware upgrades), or must I convert all subs to a srt-format for playback on a standalone?

Oh, and one more thing:
I could find only 1 store here in Belgium that sells the LiteOn LVD-2001 (priced 184 ) and they claim to have a 3-week! waiting-list because their supplier cannot fullfill the demand.
How can people try-out DivX-players when they can't get 'm in the first place?!!
Since i'm quite eager to start testing my past & present DivX-rips, can anyone suggest alternative ways to get a hold of this player?