View Full Version : DVD Region-Free 3.0 - Backup all DVDs from any region!

24th July 2003, 08:19

DVD Region-Free 3.0 Beta1 is out! This new version will enable your to backup all DVDs from any region with DVD2One, InstantCopy, DVDFab and DVD Shrink directly. There is no need for DVD Decrypter anymore.

Download the free version at http://www.dvdidle.com/DVDRegionFree30Beta1.exe.

What's New:
1) The core engine is rewritten for speed and stability optimization.
2) Enable DVD2One, InstantCopy, DVDFab and DVD Shrink to backup all DVDs from any region.
3) Direct-Play now supports two modes: DVD Menu and DVD Movie.
4) Support all DVD drives in the computer.
5) Support more than two DVD programs running simultaneously.
6) The setting changes take effect immediately.
7) Splash window added.
8) Tip of the Day added.
9) Auto-Run now works on WinXP.
10) Many bug fixed.
11) ...

This beta version is full functional, and it will expire after 8/10/2003, after that, you need re-download the newer version from our website.

Please send your feedback to support@dvdidle.com, thanks.

Best Regards,

26th July 2003, 07:44