View Full Version : Time Base Correctors (TBC's). What are they?? are they good?? do they really work???

21st July 2003, 05:25
ok well the situation is that i am about to start a proccess of converting some old VHS tapes to digital format for storage on my pc. I've got the software and Video capture device all sorted (im using the Miglia directors cut > http://www.miglia.com/products/video/director2/index.html for capturing and converting to digital format.) The only thing i havent sorted out yet is the VCR which i am going to be using. Since obviously VHS quality isnt too good to begin with, i didnt really want to make matters worse by using a bad VCR. So after doing some research, i have decided to go with an s-vhs vcr. BUT now another issue has come up, the issue of Time Base Correctors ! I've heard that if my new vcr has a TBC feature, that it would actually be much better and produce much better quality picture from these old vhs tapes, even if they are not in too good quality too begin with ! This sounded to good to be true so i just need more info on TBC's if anyone has any. info like :

what really are TBC's??
what do they do??
how do they work??
can vcr's with TBC really output better quality VHS picture than those vcr's without TBC??
would anybody recommend me to use TBC's???
etc etc??

any help on this issue would be really appreciated, thanx !

24th July 2003, 10:56
TBC can help or hurt an encode. Some integrated TBCs can add some skew if the tape is low quality.

TBC helps sync the beginning of lines so there isn't as much wiggle between frames. I've got a JVC S-VHS unit with TBC, comb, stabilizer, etc. When all that is on, black is black, not swimming red and blue, and lines are stable.

You know how DVD video is stable and VHS isn't? It's like that.

Go here: http://www.geocities.com/fredthompson6/ and scroll down to the links which mention S-VHS. Take a good gander at the one labelled DirecTV -> S-VHS -> DV. How does that look compared to what you get from a low-end VHS deck?

THe filtered pictures are outdated, so is the filter on that page. I'll put a better one up soon.