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20th July 2003, 18:13

I just got an old computer that has an old ATI allinwonder Pro in it. I believe it's got 4 or 6 megs of ram on board.

I'd like to use TV-in card this to copy an instructional VHS tape that uses macrovision. I've got no software for the ATI although I use XP & it's supposed to have drivers for the allinwonder. I've never tried using a TV in card & would appreciate suggestions of what software I might need to do what I want.

I've got about 45 gigs of NTFS drive available & using an AMD 2400 processor.

I'll eventually want to burn this to DVD and I've seen several interesting links telling how to do that. First thing I want to do is to record the VHS data to the hard drive with excellent clarity.

I'm holding off installing this board till I have a guideline of which software to get to do this.

Any suggestions on how to do what I need to do?

Thanks & cheers,


20th July 2003, 22:04
the macrovision might cause a problem, but look here: http://www.doom9.org/capture/start.html for a nice guide on capturing. theres also a guide on http://www.vcdhelp.com for aiw cards