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19th July 2003, 12:13
I used couple times Xlogo logo remover with following (simplest, I think) script line:


It does job well, but almost halves encoding (recoding) speed. Too bad, when I want capture more than one film per day.

Is there some faster solution?

19th July 2003, 18:06

20th July 2003, 13:36
Thanx. It's really much faster.
But I noticed that when I outline bitmap of logo with 1-2 pixel grey, this is not enough to cover whole logo, so I needed to add more outline, about 5 pixels. Logo is not simple text, but graphic, relative big.

21st July 2003, 10:25
Could you sent me a small clip (10 frames) including mask and script (w.j.dijkhof at tue dot nl)?

23rd July 2003, 01:12
Sent it to you 21-th.

23rd July 2003, 10:05
Thanks! Sorry, I didn't have time to look at it yet. Probably in the weekend or so ...

28th July 2003, 09:37
Could someone describe the process to create a mask clip?

28th July 2003, 10:24
Basically it is the following:

1) two lines above/below mask => stack them => resize to resolution of mask
2) two lines left/right of the mask => stack them => resize to resolution of mask
3) take a weighted average of (1) and (2) (if weight mask >> height mask => a small amount of (2) is added to (1)) => final mask

edit: sorry I misunderstood your question. Just download:
and look at logo.html. I hope that BaronVlad/Killingspree don't mind :)

28th July 2003, 18:49
Creating the mask image and incorporating it in the avs script is what I was looking for ;] thanks much

30th July 2003, 14:32
Originally posted by Wilbert

and look at logo.html. I hope that BaronVlad/Killingspree don't mind :)

sure don't as it is more or less my fault that the new version isn't up yet... sorry for that - i'm just too busy coping with RL right now :/