View Full Version : Does the 2 gig avi limit apply to NTFS partitions running XP?

17th July 2003, 00:54

I used to perform video captures under Windows98 on a FAT32 partition
using VfW drivers. I understand under FAT32, the largest single file
size limit is 4 gigs (regardless of file type) and an avi file can not exceed 2 gigs.

I currently upgraded to WinXP running on an NTFS partition with
DirectShow video drivers. I understand the single file size limit now
has been removed due to the NTFS file structure. However, does the 2 gig avi restriction still apply or is this also unlimited? In other words, can I capture continuously to a *single* avi file that will be say 60 gigs in size?

If I can and if you have in fact done this, are such large avi files
able to be read with no problems by DVD authoring programs?

17th July 2003, 01:18
You can have 40Go avi with NTFS & WinXP (Even more , but I didn't had bigger avi than 30-40Go.. ).


About DVD Authoring Program, I don't know. Maybe some have problem with such big files.

But VirtualDubMod and Avisynth 2.5.2 doesn't have any problem at all with the files I tried ;)

17th July 2003, 19:40
The 2 Gb AVI limit is just that - a 2Gb AVI limit. The AVI file format _cannot_ store more than 2 Gb. Technically (I've had it happen a few times) you can have an AVI larger than 2Gb, but some media players will crash trying to play it. If they don't you will find that the audio goes out of sync once it hits the 2 Gb mark.

See here (http://www.puremotion.com/resources/technical/2gbfilelimit/)

17th July 2003, 20:22
That limit will depend entire upon the software you use to touch an AVI file. I'm no expert, but the AVI standard has had several versions over the years.

And most software you might use in your process can circumvent this likely limitation. For example, VirtualDub and it's variants support segmented AVI files, and AviSynth supports the use of these sources for frameserving.

17th July 2003, 20:50
The 2 GB limit only applies to the legacy AVI format. Newer software usually supports the OpenDML standard (such as VirtualDub), which does not know such limits.

E.g. using VirtualDub(VCR) you can capture 100 GB in a single AVI file, and display and process it later without problems. You don't need to use segmented AVIs if you have NTFS.

By the way: The FAT32 limit is 4 GB, which is often confused with the AVI limit. The latter has nothing to do with file system limitations, but is inherent in the (old) AVI standard.


18th July 2003, 04:46
Yes .avi2 as I think it's known on a NTFS partition has NO size limitations (almost) a 2hr capture with the huffyuv codec yields me file sizes of about 60 Gigs, without a flinch of a problem!!