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14th July 2003, 16:47
The way I do it, is to use Decrypter and then IFOEdit to strip everything apart from the main movie (no menus, no extras, no unecessary subtitles/audio). Then IC7 to get the pdi's and then decrypter to burn.

This works, apart from my recent title (Training Day) which on the standalone Pioneer it does not even start. In PowerDVD, IFOEdit players on the PC is totally fine.

I have read other threads about navigation/playback problems with IC, but in my case I had no menus!!!

Any advice appreciated,


PS I believe it is not Decrypter's or my Ritek disk's fault as it has never hapenned before!!

16th July 2003, 05:10
I have written a guide on Instant Copy try my guide and see how it works out for your problem here is the link and I think you will find some more useful goodies on my page CrazyCurts DVD guide (http://crazycurt75.freewebpage.org)

16th July 2003, 18:28
If you absolutely HAVE TO use IC7, then try a side step:
First use DVDDecrypter and rip all files.
Use DVD2ONE, any version, to strip the main movie: Set it to let's say 9Gig (anything bigger or equal to the main movie). That way it will make you a working folder with only the main movie, and ONLY the things you want (audio+subs)and a LOT faster than Ifoedit.
DVD2ONE 99,999999% produces absolutely compliant results
THEN use IC7 and transcode.
Good luck

16th July 2003, 20:19

DVD2ONE faster than IFOedit for stripping! I like this... "HAVE TO": no not really; I usually use TMPGEnc / CCE, but IC7 and its quality have surprised me, so I had a go with some of my titles...

17th July 2003, 02:37
"Use DVD2ONE, any version, to strip the main movie..."

Thanks for the tip! I've been using DVDToolBox (thanks, mrbass!) to do the stripping, then on to DVD2ONE or IC7 depending on the resulting size. The nice thing about DVDToolBox is that you know the resulting size as you are removing audio, sub's, etc., before you start this app.

Is there any advantage to using DVD2ONE to do the stripping, versus DVDToolBox, which is free (I have both, plus IC7)?

Thanks for your thoughts on this!


17th July 2003, 06:01
If I want to strip before using IC7. I use Dvdshrink. I can set the main movie to no compression...Compress the extras....remove unwanted audio tracks then use IC7 on the shrink output.

Or if I want to strip just the main movie I do this also in DVDshrink no compression then process it through IC7.

17th July 2003, 09:54
...and I guess nobody has had any playback problems like me above(after stripping with IFOEdit)... right???

17th July 2003, 15:28
@ leisuredoc:
Since I only do "full DVD" backups, I have never used DVDToolbox.

@ Yannis:
Right. :) If you mess with Ifoedit, and you don't know 110% what you are doing, you go looking for trouble.

18th July 2003, 18:04
No it is not that; I have been using IFOedit for ages and in far more complicated ways than here. It is a trully great low-level tool which never gave me any problems (apart from its well-known bugs).

I tried the same procedure with some of my other titles; no problem. Must be one off then!

yannis :D