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14th July 2003, 17:00
Hi, it's my first time posting a query on doom9 forum....

I recently bought a Radeon 9100 in order to capture from tv and I currently use a video composite connection (the closest tv to my pc doesn't support s-video). I've got a lot of analog noise, in particular when there is a lot of white on the screen the borders on the sides stretch to the left, the image become unnaturally bright and the following scene is very bright too.
Have you experienced the same problems? Do you think that using s-video connection could help fixing the problem? Should I buy a tv tuner card?

Thanks for the help

15th July 2003, 10:52

1. The composite of the ATIs are very good and connected with the tuner of your VCR you should get a very good capture

2. If your source is "dirty" but the Tuner of your VCR and the connection is ok you wont solve the problem with a tv-card.

3. Please upload a screenshot of your capture as I think we can see more details what went wrong with your recording.

15th July 2003, 16:13
Right now I am unable to post a screenshot of my capture but I'll do it as soon as possible.

Actually I connected the ATI directly to my TV, tuned on the channel that aired the program I wished to capture: I didn't connect it to the tuner of the VCR...is there any difference?

15th July 2003, 16:20
Oh, yes, there is a difference. Many people have reported signal interference using the tuners on their PCI cards. Apparently there is plenty of RF interference on a PCI bus. I've read here, that some have had success by moving cards around to different bus connectors.

These interference problems are usually circumvented by using non-RF video connections: composite, S-video, SCART, etc. External tuners (cable boxes, VCRs) outside the PC are another way of avoiding inside-the-PC interference.

I have a card that includes a tuner; I've never used the tuner as I have digital cable -- unfortunately, all outputs from my digital cable boxes are analog -- I have to do analog captures from cable with composite video; though when capturing from VHS I can use S-video.

15th July 2003, 16:39
I apologise, I should have read better the starting section in the BaronVlad capture guide. So I'll try to connect through the VCR tuner, and I'll tell you how it goes.


16th July 2003, 19:41
I connected the video card to the VCR tuner, but unfortnately with no improvement in image quality: always the same distorsions on the left sides of the screen in very bright scenes. Besides I have the same distorsions (perhaps less frequently) not only when I capture from TV but even when I use a good quality recorded VHS: can I guess the main problem is the connection between PC and TV/VCR?
I'd like to post a screenshot of my capture but I don't have any web space to host my jpeg image, do you have any suggestion (I can send it by e-mail?...)


16th July 2003, 20:29
I believe mods can upload attachments while they're currently still in "broken" status. So you can e-mail your image to me and I can place it here.

I'll PM you with an e-mail address to use.

17th July 2003, 16:32
Here is the image elitrek sent me: