View Full Version : SVCD is jittery on Panasonic DVD-RV32

11th July 2003, 02:56
I'm sorry I don't have a log file handy.. this is a movie I ripped a long time ago so I don't have the files for it anymore. Basically, I have an old Pioneer DVD player and it plays these movies just fine. But on my cousin's Panasonic DVD-RV32, there are delays between frames..very jittery (so is the audio). On my OTHER cousin's DVD player, it just has a read error and doesn't play at all. On PowerDVD on a PC, it visually looks OK, but the audio echoes..very strange.

I remember encoding using CCE 2.5..maybe 2.6. 2pass VBR. Nothing really special on the settings. Any ideas why it would work fine on my Pioneer DVD player, but not the other players?

11th July 2003, 14:31
There's a problem with the Panasonice RV player. It does not read the SVCDs properly. To make a SVCD that will be read properly you will have to burn the SVCD with VCD headers trick. There's a plugin for this trick which can be used with D2S.

For right now, you can tell them to either get a new/better player or they can watch it using a DVD sofwtare like PowerDVD on their computer.

Check your PowerDVD software's Audio settings. You might have accidently enabled some kind of enviornmental settings or if you have Sound Blaster Live/Audigy card you have simulate 3D enviornment settings enabled.

Hope this helps.