View Full Version : CCE 2.67 and 50fps

6th July 2003, 20:33
Has anyone encountered this limitation in CCE? Im currently trying to figure out the best way to deinterlace and so im doing a few tests however when i try to encode 50fps material in CCE it wont accept it, while in TMPGenc it will.
The exact error message is:
"Frame rate 50/1 is not supported. Supported frame rate are 23.976, 24, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, and 60."

What im doing with the avi is using Avisynth with the following script:

Then opening in VirtualDub and using Gunnar Thalin's smooth deinterlacer, then frameserving to CCE, with no success.

Ive tried rendering the .avi and feeding directly to CCE but still no luck.
Is there something im missing?


8th July 2003, 11:49
im not sure, but CCE probably will only take 50fps+ for clips that are half height


9th July 2003, 23:30
thanks for the answer, but so far my testing has led me onto better things, now so hopefully i wont face that problem again :)