View Full Version : VirtualVCR with matroska support

4th July 2003, 01:52
Hello ppl,

I had some time so I modded VirtualVCR (www.digtv.ws) to allow capturing to matroska files. It requires Gabests DShow matroska muxer. For more information see the included readme.

(Since attaching doesnt seem to work I'll upload it to the VirtualDubMod download page on sf asap)
Ok, its up (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/virtualdubmod/VirtualVCR-matroska.tar.bz2?download).


4th July 2003, 22:05
Thank you Belgabor

14th November 2003, 03:46
I use VirtualVCR-matroska quite a bit - thanks.
One question though. In the audio compression there is an option to compress to vorbis. Did you add it or is it from a filter I have installed somewhere. I seem unable to change any of the settings though (vbr quality etc.) AFAIK there isn't a reliable ogg acm?

When I start a capture with vorbis audio compression I get an error saying : "There was an error setting the audio compression settings, the defaults were used instead". Then everything captures ok, including the vorbis audio encoding.

The problem is I have to click on 'OK' for the error message to go away. This is obviously a problem when doing scheduled captures.

I have not realy tested it, but compressing to mp3 either crashes completely or gives the same error message. I know it's best to capture to wav, but space is sometimes a problem ;)

ATM I am using ADPCM to compress to, which is better than nothing.

Hope you have time to look into it ;)