View Full Version : Audio garbled from AVI to VCD.

3rd July 2003, 08:50
Alright, my first post, so please don't lay into me too hard. Anyway, straight to the problem: I've got a few episodes of Rurouni Kenshin that I want to put onto VCD, only whenever I try to do that the audio for the voices, and only the voices, is nearly silent and what you CAN hear is completely garbled. I've also noticed that cranking the volume does not seem to affect the fact that's it's this *holds up two quite close fingers* close to being silent. (Music and sound effects, for the most part, are still good) It only seems to happen when I try to use it in my Apex AD-1100W though, because the sound is still nominal in WMP. Now, down to the technical stuff.

According to properties -> summary, the original sound format is 16bit, 64kbps Windows Media Audio V2. I don't really know what the problem is, or how to fix it, so I tried a number of random things, including:

A) Extracting the audio using AVI2WAV (v3.5), then attempting to use Normalize (Sorry if that's not the original name), trying to turn it into an MP3 using lame through EAC (v3.90.2-ICL and V.9 beta 4, respectively), which didn't work, then finally putting it back in with the video using Dr. DivX.
B) Went through the entirely too-lengthy process of re-encoding it using Windows Media Encoder 9.
C) Ran it through VirtualDub-1.5.4 under nearly every combination of audio settings imaginable.
D) Threw it through TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 once, just for kicks.
E) Forgot when, but also tried the following programs: BoostCLI, and WavTrim.
F) Tore out all my hair and bought an ugly toupee, which allowed me a load of fun scaring my cat.
G) Also tried putting it into SVCD using the Nero plugin for that, which ended up with the same effect.

Every time: same garbled voice, but music and sound effects remaining intact, (for the most part). Also, I've noticed a rising irratibility in my cat after having completed step F, which is starting to creep me out.

I still have the original file, however, and can try all those things again... once my normal hair grows back. Any help would be appreciated.

(Note I forgot to mention: all conversion to VCD was done using either Nero or AVI2VCD v1.4.2)