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25th June 2003, 20:03
when making a vhs into a dvd, should i deinterlace the vhs capture or keep it interlaced since itll be goin on dvd?

It will be played on tv and computer, but i think most computers will auto deinterlace a dvd right?

The only problem is i am going to get a progressive tv soon, and although my dvd player has progressive scan, wouldnt it just be better to deinterlace before putting on dvd? Thanx

26th June 2003, 00:51
Crucio, my advice is (as usual) keep the video interlaced.
If you get a progressive TV and a progressve scan DVD player, it will have built-in features to deinterlace on-the-fly.
Imagine if it didn't, all your purchased interlaced DVDs wouldn't be playable. And if you deinterlace when encoding, you ruin the quality, not only for yourself, but for friends and family who you share your videos with and who don't have progressive scan DVD players. :)
Yes, the DVD software players I know of have the ability to deinterlace on the fly.

26th June 2003, 01:06
fair enough, thanx

2nd July 2003, 18:28
My suggestion is to make two encodings - one interlaced and one deinterlaced and see which one looks best on your tv...

I normally deinterlace using decomb and I prefer the result to not deinterlacing. YMMV...

2nd July 2003, 18:38
There is only one reason for deinterlacing: Saving bitrate.
You need lot's more Bitrate for encoding interlaced Video.

But if the Filesize does not matter, keep it interlaced.

2nd July 2003, 21:38
I'm afraid I partially have to disagree:
If the source video is film, i.e. originally progressive, then you better restore the original progressive frame instead of - unnecessarily - encoding in interlaced mode. You can use Decomb's filters: Telecide (+ maybe Decimate for NTSC).


2nd July 2003, 23:28
If the source is really Film, AND it is converted to PAL the right way, i agree - but most Film-Source on VHS is progressive, so there's no need to do anything.

If the Film-Source is converted by blending mode, there's not really a chance to get all the original Frames back. On some Films it work's, but not on all.

But you are right, first try Telecide, if you don't get smooth motion, watch out for Phase Shifts. If this also not works, encode it interlaced - that's what i ever do.

Oh, and to prevent misunderstandings: Telecide is not what i call deinterlacing. On my use of terms, deinterlacing is a way to combine 2 Fields to a frame. Hm, maybe that's wrong..., what do you think?

4th July 2003, 19:46
Deinterlacing means getting rid of the combs. Either by phase-shifting or by (intelligently) blending / interpolating.