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23rd June 2003, 10:00
Hi guys, after eventually getting round to putting my old vhs tape
on dvdr i have one little problem.
im using my dazzle digital video creator to capture the vhs in mpeg 2
but im looking for a program that will let me just chop off the end
or the beginning, as you cant get it spot on when hitting record...
the software that comes with the capture card does it, but takes
forever...ive tried tmpegenc also, but that takes a long time as
it processes the video again. As they come out fine with the first
capture i dont need to re-encode just chop bits...fast..
virtual dub dont handle mpeg2 (even tried the new virtualdubmpg2 source code) any help on quick mpeg editing prog would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

23rd June 2003, 16:23
Hello flip,

There are several programs that allow you to edit Mpeg-video and this question has been answered many times in these forums.
If you use the search function you'll find plenty of tips and suggestions on how to solve your problem.
The best thing is to capture in a not so compressed format such as DV or Mjpeg and then encode to Mpeg-2. But for Mpeg-2 editing I can recommend M2 Edit Pro, it's fast. And pricey. :)

23rd June 2003, 17:12
why are you re-encoding with tmpegenc. why don't you use the mpeg tools portion and cut off what you don't want. i do this all the time and it works great. it is one of the best out there for this kind of thing.

23rd June 2003, 17:41
well im new at this! :) dvdr burning np...tmpeg..nightmare!

i will try the cutting thing tonight, i didnt know you could do that.
i was using the source range thing...thats why it encoded it again..

cheers guys, and again sorry for wasting time and forum space!

23rd June 2003, 18:14
look under file->mpeg tools. its the far right tab cutting/joining. make sure you have them in the correct order. good luck and happy cutting.