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22nd June 2003, 21:47
Hi everyone. I am testing different resolutions,compression codecs and it's settings.
I have very cheap Bt848 pci card.
My harddisk has applies speed restrictions to some settings that i cannot use.
For example in 768x576 (huffyuv) i have 70% dropped frames (while cpu usage is low). My hdd handles 8-12mb/sec, no more than taht.
So i was curious , does anybody know some program, that can create virtual drive from Ram. (suh proram has startup diskette for win98 - it creates 2mb drive) Thanks to anyone who can help.
By the way, another question,
I mentioned that capturing in big resolution and then resizing during encoding gives better "visual" result thatn capturing in destination resolution from the beginning.(i tried captuing in 480x360 and resizing to 352x288 is better than capturing to 352x288, when all setting are same for both times.(I compress with huffyuv or mjpeg(quality=19) then encode to Xvid 2pass.

23rd June 2003, 00:23
Hi junglemike,

there are many programs that create ramdisks. If you are running 2000/XP please refer to http://www.QualitySoftware.tk - works on my system. But I dont know whether this is the right choice for you, since you should have veeeerrrrrryyyyyyyy much Ram to test your Huffyuv caps and i dont know, if it works so far ?

Maybe you should go and buy yourself a faster hd, although it may be a bit expensive...

Your second suggestion: Yes, you will get a better picture since your processor keeps the whole picture (if you use Full PAL / NTSC) and puts it down afterwards. But please refer to complete Full PAL / NTSC caps, if possible, and resize afterwards. You will get better results and less drops cause of the better filters that can be used i.g. with Avisynth... ;)

And please use the right resolution in your caps ! You should have a look into the capture guide, first part. The resolutions are well explained for every way of postprocessing. If you go for XVid (MPEG4) you should either capture Full PAL (7xx * 576) or 1/4 PAL (384 * 288). No other resolutions recommended.

BTW: 352 * 288 is VCD ! 480 * 576 SVCD ! Not the right choice here...

23rd June 2003, 18:08
Wow, thatnk you very much, this program works great, it is exactly what i was looking for