View Full Version : Straight Line Edges seem to shimmer on TV

19th June 2003, 06:59
Why is it that some places seem to shimmer, like move up and down, not dramatically, looks a little like its flickering. Most scenes, you can't notice it, or its not there, basically on stuff with straight lines, for example, Stairs, or a row of blechers, text, and even static text at like during the credits, just mostly straight lines. I hope you understand what i mean, its a little hard to explain. Not even sure if shimmer is the correct word.

Is this normal for a encoded video? The original doesn't do it. I've seen others encodes that do the same thing, so its not just mine. I'm not saying the entire picture shimmers, just little parts in that picture, mostly straight lines, or straight objects, edges of objects.

Is this caused by something i'm doing wrong? Can it be fixed? Or is that just normal, and the way it comes out. The current movie i've done is We Were Soldiers, it came out with a bitrate of 3051. The video is NTSC, of course, region 1, and was made using the Big 3, dif4u, reauthorist, scenerist

If this is just normal and no way around it, then thats fine, the over all video is still great.

19th June 2003, 07:28
My guess ( I may be wrong) would be you're encoding interlaced video as progressive without de-interlacing it first.

19th June 2003, 10:21
No, the video is Progressive, its a new movie, We Were Soldiers, and it was encoded as progressive, as the big 3 labeled it so. I've seen this on alot of other encoded videos also, not just this one.

Do you think that this is something caused by it being Encoded with "Top Field First" checked? dif4u marked it tff, and cce encoded it with it checked. Should this infact be off? I have no idea what kind of artifacts you would get if the wrong field order was set.